Now this is a hard one, there are many criterias we look at to becoming a member:

(1) Your Person, (2) Vehicle Scoring, (3) Probation Time, (4) Voting of Members.

(1) YOUR PERSON- First thing we look at is how trustworthy is a potential member. Can we trust you to come into our family? All potential members come to our meetings from a referenced member. In other words a member would invite a potential member down under his wing and introduce him to the club, that member is showing us that he is putting his word on you , that your not a threat to the club in any way. This is also a way of feeling more comfortable around someone you don't even know, at least you have a person (in this case a member) in common.

(2) VEHICLE SCORING- We can't forget your ride, we are a "auto club". I can't tell someone what to do to their car, everyone has their own style and personality, some people like 13 inch knockoffs on 5:20 tires while others like 20 inch chrome euro rims on hardly any rubber, some guys like tweed while others like diamond tucks & velour, some guys like Hydros while others like airbags. What I can do thou is outline a way of noticing all the custom work which is done to your ride without being prejudice to a certain style. Me personally, I love it all. Basically we go over your vehicle like a show judge would looking at everything and allocating every mod and change with a certain amount of points. Example: a 2 pump hydro set-up is worth 2 points, a suicide hood is worth 1 point and so on. Currently the point standard of the club is at 15 and this increases as the club average in points increase. The only really mandatory rule is that your ride have some sort of adjustable suspension, either airbags or hydraulics. By scoring cars in this way we assure to keep a certain standard within the club and this also gives us a great diversity of vehicles within the club. From euros, to bombs, to bodydrops and more, all having their own unique look and feel without forcing any certain opinion on the ride. (believe me, we will tell you if your making a wrong move!)

(3) PROBATION TIME- Potential members must come to meetings for anywhere between nine to twelve months before they can get voted on. This probation time only begins when your vehicle has reached a level to represent the club. Within this time we get to check you out, see how you interact with club members and at the same time you get to check us out and see if we're the club for you. Alot of potential members get very impatient during this probation time, some stay on while others demand a vote (which usually ends up as a NO), or they just leave. This is one way we weed out potential members. I tell them all the time, "Do your time...We're not going anywhere, Drastic will still be here. So be patient."

(4) VOTING- This isn't so tough, after your car passes the points and you do your time, you go up for vote, by this time you should know where you stand within the club. Majority rules, but not all the time. If there is a strong "NO" vote from a member for a good reason, then we would deny membership. I don't want to bring any problems into the club, so I carefully talk to all the members about voting and what it means to the clubs future. Some of our best members were denied the first time they went up for voting, but they persisted and eventually made it in with flying colors.

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