The club started in September of 1994,

with only two people, me (Marvin) and Bean (Kenny), who are the president and vice-president respectively.

We wanted to create a lowrider club which consisted of only the hardcore custom heads.

Now that was a major challenge coming from New York City, it's hard enough to find just lowriders, much-less hardcore custom lowriders.

Bean and I knew there were other lowriders out there just as crazy as us, we just didn't know where.

We gave it time and outlined the structure of the club, strict membership, no dues, no chapter,

just guys that are here for the love of custom lows, willing to show their pride on cars and join a family of committed lowriders.

That was a main goal, to have a trusting family of lowriders.

Within time, we started to grow, to what we now are.

It's been alot of managing and hard work that goes into the club, but it's all worth it.

1994 Jamaica Armory Show, Queens , N.Y.

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